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Emerging & Advanced Lighting

By 2020 more than 95% of the world’s lighting is expected to be based on solid-state lighting (SSL) technology, equating globally to 52B€ for luminaires and 12B€ for lamps and lighting engines. Furthermore by applying digital lighting solutions, it is estimated that more than 300B€ can be saved annually on the global energy bill through superior energy efficiency properties.

Although reduction of energy consumption by means of energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting remains crucial, intelligent lighting can also contribute significantly to improvements in people’s quality of living, in particular that of elderly and impaired people, through human-centered design of the built environment. Optimized lighting can also contribute to an improved efficiency of food production (agriculture and horticulture), as well as recycling of waste material as a result of new lighting design for better recyclability not only of the end product but also during the production phase.

Intelligent lighting solutions for well-being, healthcare, medicine and therapy, horticulture, transport, automation, entertainment, sports, safety, guidance, fashion and design can open up huge new markets. Deployment of lighting installations that provide the right light, at the right place, at the right time, for each and everybody is the ultimate goal.

Examples of where photonics is applied in new forms of Lighting include:

  • OLED

  • Light guiding surfaces

  • Intelligent lighting