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Company details

Company Name: 
Company Type: 
Small Enterprise (less than 50 employees and revenues less than 10 MEUR)
Industry Sector: 
Activity Description: 
ITALRAY Srl was founded in 1974 with the goal of manufacturing high-quality x-ray systems, 100% made in Italy. ITALRAY’s core business is Medical Imaging with a special focus on Digital X-ray Imaging.

Project information

Project Phase: 
Contract Phase
Technology Platform: 
Free-space photonic components and systems
Application Field: 
Optical Instrumentation and Machine Vision
Project Scope: 
The aim of the project is to develop novel procedures in a hardware-software solution for digital x-ray chest tomosynthesis
ACTPHAST Partners: 
Project Leader: 
Malgorzata Kujawinska
Project Start: 
July 2015
Project Duration: 
6 months