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Company details

Company Name: 
Company Type: 
Micro Enterprise (less than 10 employees and revenues less than 2 MEUR)
Industry Sector: 
Photonics General
Activity Description: 
Revolutionary antenna systems for transportation, nautical and avionics industries. SATRAX is a developer of systems for broadband communication with an ultra-flat smart antenna capable of maintaining connection with satellites even at high speeds.

Project information

Project Phase: 
Contract Phase
Technology Platform: 
InP-based Photonic Integrated Circuits
Application Field: 
Optical Communications
Project Scope: 
Development of an optical beam forming network unit based on photonic integrated circuits
ACTPHAST Partners: 
Project Leader: Katarzyna Lawniczuk (TU/e)
Project Start: 
September 2014
Project Duration: 
11 months