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Support statistics

ACTPHAST measures its impact on European innovation across a broad range of metrics to ensure that it is making a real difference in how it allocates its financial and human resources. Some of the latest results for ACTPHAST's key performance indicators are provided here.

Job creation by ACTPHAST supported companies

489 new EU jobs are expected to be created by ACTPHAST supported companies over the next five years as a result of their ACTPHAST innovation projects.

The following companies are currently hiring!

  • Company type

    Over 90% of supported companies are SMEs of various sizes


    Large-Scale Company
    Medium Enterprise
    Micro Enterprise
    Small Enterprise
  • Industry sector

    More than 1 in 3 of supported companies are "non-photonics" companies from a broad range of industry sectors (e.g. Medical, Transport, Consumer Goods, Industrial Manufacturing, etc.)

    Photonics General
  • First time EU-funded innovation

    Nearly 60% of companies have no previous experience in EU-funded projects

    Non first time EU-funded innovation
    First time EU-funded innovation
  • First time photonics innovation

    More than a quarter of supported companies have no previous experience innovating in photonics before coming to ACTPHAST

    Non first time photonics innovation
    First time photonics innovation

Number of innovation requests per technology platform

ACTPHAST is supporting companies with product innovation across the full spectrum of different photonics technologies

Financial contributions towards overall costs of the innovation projects

The average overall innovation project budget is 109k€. The average ACTPHAST subsidy towards an innovation project is 45k€.
Industry in cash
Industry in kind
Project partners

European dimension of the innovation projects

ACTPHAST is currently supporting companies with photonics innovation across 18 different European member states.