Who we are

ACTPHAST provides photonics and non-photonics companies and researchers with one-stop-shop access to a wide range of existing cutting edge photonics technology platforms from Europe’s top research centres.

The ACTPHAST network offers a single streamlined way to access 200 of the best experts and technologies from 24 of Europe’s leading photonics research institutes, covering the entire supply chain to accelerate the demonstration of exciting new scientific breakthroughs towards a working prototype, and beyond into mass manufacturing.

ACTPHAST in a nutshell

  •  25  European photonics competence centers offering cutting-edge technology support and expertise in broad domain of photonics technologies
  • Team of experts and a community in an extended range of photonics applications abroad Europe.
  • 7 cutting-edge photonics technology platforms supporting the most complete photonics supply chains present in Europe