Europe Unlimited

Europe Unlimited (EUN) ( provides event and online matching platforms between emerging innovative companies, investors and partners across Europe and its regions, sectors and stages, presenting hundreds of high-tech entrepreneurial companies in many venture fora and partnering events across Europe to venture capital and corporate investors and partners to support innovation management of SMEs and to improve their investor-readiness and access to finance and markets. EUN has gradually developed its activities since 1998 and now has extensive capabilities, networks, competencies, databases, client relations allowing it to mobilise investors and innovative entrepreneurs across Europe through investment matching events and investment readiness programmes.

EUN runs the European Venture Contest, the International Venture Club and the European Tech Tour, which recently joined up in strategic alliance. Through the collaborative platform of the European Venture Contest annually 1000+ European entrepreneurs apply in order to link to the best and most active investors operating or interested in the European venture market. EUN various events are host to 600+ Venture Capital & Corporate investors and expert reviewers and facilitate fund raising and internationalisation of businesses.

The International Venture Club (, a collaborative platform of leading independent venture capital, corporate, governmental and institutional investors.Formed in 2011, and managed by Europe Unlimited from its creation, the main purpose of the Club is to enhance the relationship among Private investors, Corporate investors and variety of strategic partners. It operates internationally, across variety of sectors in order to facilitate co-investment, partnerships and harvesting opportunities by financing innovative companies.

The company has extensive cross-regional and cross-continental project execution coordination experience, many of which under the banner of the European Venture Contest. EUN has organized many events to support innovation management of SMEs and to improve their investor-readiness, access to finance and markets, including its well-known flagship events: The European Photonics Venture Forum, The Nordic Venture Forum, The Benelux Venture Forum, The European Venture Summit and European Venture Contest. EUN has also participated in several European Commission projects over the past decade and has gathered an immense network over the course of its existence for some of them EUN was involved in the dissemination of Open calls and the granting of third parties.