University of Eastern Finland – Joensuu Photonics Group

The Joensuu Photonics Group (JPG) is a research group within the Department of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). The photonics research personnel in Joensuu Campus consist of 10 professors, and around 15 post docs and 30 PhD students. It is the largest academic unit of photonics in Finland. Joensuu is internationally well-recognized, for example, for its contributions to diffractive and micro-optics, optical coherence theory, nonlinear optics, and polarization optics. The Joensuu group has a long history on strong collaboration with industry within, e.g., TEKES (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) projects. Examples of long-term industrial partners include Nokia (mobile phones), Nanocomp (diffractive optics), EpiCrystals (semiconductor lasers), Beneq (ALD equipment and coatings), and Oplatek (optics and photonics for industry).