TP-4: Micro-Opto-Electro Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) integration


Nadège Courjal – FEMTO-ST/CNRS

Technology description

The “MOEMS” platform supplies a complete food chain of advanced optical microsystems including the photonic modules based on the micromachining of different passive or active materials. It exploits the integration of MOEMS (Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems) with silicon micromachining and the combination of mechanical properties of silicon with the optical features of glass or polymer as well as the nanofabrication technologies of nanophotonics to realize microguided or photonics structures on lithium niobate (LiNbO3) for advanced optical microsensors. Here, it is possible to propose hybrid photonic platforms combining LiNbO3 and silicon for the active control of optical functionalities.

The technology platforms will provide the capabilities for manufacturing photonic modules including mechanical parts like mirrors, MEMS actuators or scanners as well as free-space microoptical refractive or diffractive components or active waveguides.

MOEMS 3D integration and high-precision alignment of micromechanical and microoptical components to provide size, weight, and power reductions of photonic systems together with better performance, new functionalities and improved reliability. Different approaches of integration are possible such as 3D multi-wafer technology combining several dies vertically by using various bonding technologies.

Application domains

These technologies can contribute to the creation of new products and new businesses in a very broad range of applications and covering several societal challenges.

Examples include the field of:

  • biophotonics and medicine (colonoscopy, gastroscopy, bronchoscopy using a variety of endomicroscopes, on-chip microscopes and interferometers, miniature OCT systems, point-of-care diagnostics, micro-cytometers, microinstruments for early diagnostics of cancer, lab-on-a-chips),
  • microdisplays (scanners, barcode readers, SLMS, micro-projectors, micro-cameras, HMDs),
  • optical microscopy (miniature confocal microscopes, micro-inteferometers, industrial endoscopy),
  • optical microsensors (active guided structures on lithium niobate, etc..) and many more.
  • It also can be predicted that several solutions of Internet of Things (IoT) will be based on MEMS/MOEMS solutions.

Partners involved in this Technology Platform